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The December 14th Weekly Roundup is Posted!  12/14/2018

This week Microsoft announced two new features for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Terms of Use, the general availability of Adobe Acrobat Reader integration with Microsoft Information Protection solutions and announced the release of SharePoint page management and approvals.

A user is our Member of the Week, a long-time community member who offered excellent contributions in our Microsoft Teams AMA.

View the Weekly Roundup for December 10-14, 2018 in a Sway and attached Word document.

Microsoft Ignite On-Demand in the Tech Community  12/11/2018

Bring the power of Microsoft Ignite to your screen. Watch all the sessions from Microsoft Ignite on-demand and access the PPT slides right here on the Microsoft Tech Community. We have streaming and download options available for each.

How to access it:

1. Go to


2. If you aren’t already logged in, you’ll be prompted to do so, either with your Tech Community account or your Microsoft Ignite-registered account. Logging in is not required to view slide decks or stream videos, but it is required to download videos and to comment on sessions.


3. In addition to sorting by the date the session occurred, you can also search the sessions in the search bar with applicable search terms based on your interests.


4. You can also do a deeper search by clicking the Refine Results button, where you can search by solution, product, level, session type and format.


5. Click on a session of interest in order to access video and PowerPoint content related to that session.


Streaming Videos

Once you’ve found a session to view and clicked on it, you can stream the video by clicking directly on the video, on the box with the play icon.


PowerPoint Decks

To access PowerPoint decks (to view or download) click on View Slide Deck on the right side of the session.


Downloading Videos


To access this, you will need to be logged into the Ignite site or to the Tech Community.

Click on Download Video on the right side of the screen to download the video.




If you have questions, want to compliment the speaker or otherwise interact with the content, you can post a comment on the bottom of the page (you will have to scroll down) under “Join the conversation in the Microsoft Tech Community.”


Keep an eye on the Tech Community blog for other installments of the Favorite Things series and for upcoming changes to Tech Community. 

A few of our Favorite Things: AMA’s  12/10/2018

Have you ever had a question about a product or feature, and you wished you could get an answer straight from the source? With the AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything) events we host across the Tech Community, you get a chance to engage with product engineers and team members for a live hour of Q&A. During this hour we get to dive deep into product updates and the newest features being released.

Recently we held a  Microsoft Exchange AMA, and before that, we hosted a live hour with folks from the Microsoft Information and Protection team. We believe connecting you directly to the people who build the products you use every day increases transparency, earns trust, and cultivates a healthy community for everyone. 

Stream AMA Meeting Room.jpgThe Microsoft Stream team during their AMA May 2018

Those answering your questions have found great value in it as well! Laurie Pottmeyer from Microsoft Teams stated “As a community manager, it’s awesome for me to have opportunities like this to connect our community-at-large directly with our engineering team – this time is invaluable for our internal team.  Not only do they get to answer questions and share information on their own area of expertise, it gives our team insight into what our users are saying.”

Curious about how you can contribute to our next AMA? Simply join us during the hour and ask your question by starting a new conversation. Our Tech Community team partners with the product team to ensure each question is looked at and discussed.

Our next AMA will be a Microsoft Teams AMA on December 12th at 9:00AM PT! Will you be there?

Keep an eye on the Tech Community blog for the next installment of the Favorite Things series and for upcoming changes to Tech Community. 

The December 7th Weekly Roundup is Posted!  12/7/2018

This week Microsoft announced two new and powerful additions to Azure Information Protection analytics, new features rolled out in Microsoft Whiteboard and release 3.1 of SharePointDsc.

A user is our Member of the Week, a fairly new member to the community, with great contributions particularly in the SharePoint and Teams spaces. 

View the Weekly Roundup for December 3-7, 2018 in a Sway and attached Word document.

Community Share Buttons  12/7/2018

Share a community or thread within a community from the Microsoft Tech Community into your social channels! With one click, you can share to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, OneNote, Yammer, or even in email.

Sharing buttons can be found on the sidebar of every community home page (right-hand side). Scroll to the 'Share' window and select where you would like the link to be shared. The counter represents the number of times the community has been shared via clicking on one of the share link buttons on this site, but isn’t representative of how many total times the conversation or community has been shared.

sharelinks.PNGShare counter and sharing buttons

Social Media

Clicking on buttons for social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter will generate a post about the community and will link the community on your feed. You have the option to edit the text or provide your own custom message if you wish.


Screenshot (10).pngLinkedIn post created by clicking on the LinkedIn share button

OneNote + Yammer

These sharing buttons can help you pin a community to your OneNote notebook or Yammer page. 

yammer onenote.png

OneNote.pngPin a community to your OneNote notebook or Yammer page


The email button opens a window that assists you in emailing a friend about the community.


email link.PNGShare a community with a friend via email

Link Button

The link button allows you to copy/paste a hyperlink to share in another place.


copy link.png

Help grow the Microsoft Tech Community and spread great content by using our new sharing links buttons! 

This blog post is part of the Favorite Things seriesKeep an eye on the Tech Community blog for the next 'Favorite Thing' and for updates about the Microsoft Tech Community. 

Filters in Microsoft Tech Community  12/7/2018

You can use filters in the Microsoft Tech Community to help discover and sort content. You’ll find these filters on the Home page as well as on each community page. They allow you to allow you to sort by Newest, Popular, Experts, and Unanswered.

 FilteringMTC.JPGThe filters can be applied whether signed in or unauthenticated

Here’s a quick guide to how they work:

Newest: Just as you’d expect. This view shows you the most recent conversations.

Popular: See what’s hot and what posts are getting the most attention. This is determined

: This filter shows discussions containing MVP and/or Microsoft Employee engagement. You can identify MVPs and Microsoft Employees by the green (MVP) or blue (Employee) badge around their profile picture.

Badges.pngMVP badges (Green) and Microsoft Employee badges (Blue)


Unanswered: As the name suggests, this filter shows you only the posts that have not received a reply. This is a great way to help answer community questions, showcase your expertise, and rank up in the community.

Keep an eye on the Tech Community blog for the next installment of the Favorite Things series and for upcoming changes to Tech Community. 

A Few of Our Favorite Things  12/11/2018

As the holidays approach the Community Management team here at the Microsoft Tech Community has a lot to be thankful for. This community has seen a lot of growth, adding more than 150k industry professionals, customers, MVPs, and Microsoft experts. We’ve hosted content for Microsoft Ignite, built a way for the community to promote and discover local and online Microsoft events, and added dozens of new communities around Microsoft offerings. With that in mind, we’d like to call out some of our own Favorite Things that are available on the Microsoft Tech Community.


Over the next week, we’ll be sharing a series of blogs about our Favorite Things, covering several topics and useful tidbits about the Microsoft Tech Community. We hope you’ll contribute to this campaign by commenting on what you like most about this community, your favorite tips, and what you want to hear about next. 

FavoriteThings.pngThe Favorite Things blogs can be found by looking for this picture. 

See our first installment here: Filtering conversations in the Tech Community

our second installment here: Community Share Buttons in the Tech Community.
our third installment here: AMA's in the Tech Community

our fourth installment here: Microsoft Ignite On-Demand in the Tech Community

Community Update - Dec 03rd  12/7/2018

We have just pushed our latest version of the Microsoft Tech Community and we have made some changes to areas of the community you will visit often. 

'My Home' is gone

Ever since our beta launch, and then subsequent UI redesign the 'My Home' page has sat in the top right of the community under the heart icon next to the search bar and the notification bell. The purpose of this page was to give you a one stop shop to see the communities that you have joined.

We listened to user feedback that it was too buried, and indeed many users had never even visited that page until we asked them about it. In response have moved all the communities you have joined into the Communities tab, under the filter called 'My Communities'


We focused some love on the Communities page with this release, based on some user feedback but also designed to make it the one stop shop for finding communities you may be interested in.


You reported it, we fixed it...

A few you had spotted we were getting errors on some threads where users had requested, we delete their account under GDPR, great catch and we have fixed that this sprint.

Tell us what you think!

Your input helps me shape our backlog for community improvements, if you have comments or things you would like to see please submit your idea in our Ideas board and the most popular ideas will always be considered for future development. 

The November 30th, 2018 Roundup is Posted!  11/30/2018

This week Microsoft announced new OneDrive technical content pages, a new feature called Locations in Microsoft Search in Bing, and Update 1810 for System Center Configuration Manager current branch is now available.

A user is our Member of the Week, offering excellent contributions especially in the Microsoft Teams space.

View the Weekly Roundup for November 26 - 30, 2018 in a Sway and attached Word document.

The November 21st Weekly Roundup is Posted!  11/21/2018

(Posting this two days early due to the US Thanksgiving holiday!)

This week Microsoft announced the first Insider build of the Windows Server VNext Semi-Annual Channel release, FIDO2 support for Microsoft accounts, and that the Teams capabilities announced at Microsoft Ignite 2018 are now available.

A user is our Member of the Week, offering great contributions especially in the Microsoft Teams space.

View the Weekly Roundup for November 19 - 21, 2018 in a Sway and attached Word document.

Community Update - Nov 19th  11/19/2018

We have just released our latest updates to the community, here is what has changed or been fixed:

We will shortly be asking existing users to select unique usernames as well and I will share more information on this in due course. 

The November 16th Weekly Roundup is Posted!  11/21/2018

This week Microsoft announced the official launch of Disco (formerly known as Growbot) on Microsoft Teams, the rollout of the latest Windows 10 feature update—Windows 10, version 1809, and the availability of Azure Blockchain Workbench 1.5.0.

A user is our Member of the Week, a prolific contributor, particularly in the Danish area of the Office International community.

View the Weekly Roundup for November 12 - 16, 2018 in a Sway and attached Word document.

The November 9th Weekly Roundup is posted!  11/16/2018

This week Microsoft announced how Azure Active Directory B2C just got easier, OneDrive Message Center updates for the last half of October, and Microsoft Stream announced data residency in Canada

A user is our Member of the Week, an excellent contributor especially in the Microsoft Teams and Yammer spaces.

View the Weekly Roundup for November 3 - November 9, 2018 in a Sway

A guide to using the Best Response feature in this community!  11/9/2018

The Best Response feature is a component on threads that highlights a particular reply or comment on threads within this community. As the name suggests, it helps users immediately identify the reply which most closely answers or addresses the original post. Only the original asker, Microsoft MVPs, and Microsoft Employees have the ability to mark an answer as Best Response.

We encourage community members to use this feature to help:

  1. Showcase that the question has been addressed/resolved
  2. Help distinguish which reply/comment was the most helpful
  3. Give credit to the responder who helped answer the question.

Here’s a quick FAQ on the Best Response feature:

Q: How do I know if an answer has been marked Best Response?

A: The best Response is denoted by emboldened text and with a purple checkmark, as well as a purple accent to the thread. (See below)


Q: Can I skip directly to a Best Response?

A: Yes. When in the conversation view, you will see a hyperlink that jumps directly to the best response. This is especially helpful when there are numerous replies


Q: Who can mark an answer as Best Response?

A: The person who asked the initial question (also referred to as the Original Poster or OP), Microsoft Employees, and Microsoft MVPs can mark an answer as Best Response.

Q: How do I mark an answer as Best Response?

A: If you have permission to mark an answer the thread, you will see an option in each reply next to the like button.


Q: What’s the benefit of Best Responses?

A: As well as helping users distinguish solutions, Best Responses are built into our ranking algorithm and helps you move up the ranking system. They are weighed more heavily than standard replies.

Q: Is a thread locked once an answer is marked as a Best Response?

A: No, users can still comment and the Best Response can be applied to a different comment. 

Q: How will I know if someone has marked my answer as a Best Response? 

A: You will get a notification similar to other community actions. 

Feel free to add any additional questions as replies to this thread! 

The November 2nd Weekly Roundup is Posted!  11/2/2018

This week Microsoft announced group-based licensing is now generally available for Azure Active Directory, a new device-based subscription service for Microsoft Intune that helps organizations manage devices that are not affiliated with specific users, and updates for Microsoft To-Do. 

A user is our Member of the Week, an excellent contributor especially in the Microsoft Teams space.

View the Weekly Roundup for October 29 - November 2, 2018 in a Sway and attached Word document.

The October 26th Weekly Roundup is Posted!  10/26/2018

This week Microsoft announced updated versions of Office for iPad/iPhone and Android to Office 365 subscribers, the release of various Server 2019 products, and several updates to the Microsoft Tech Community.

A user is our Member of the Week, with strong contributions especially in the Microsoft Project space.

View the Weekly Roundup for October 22-26, 2018 in a Sway and attached Word document.

Community Update : What's New  10/29/2018

Hi all,

It has been a busy few months here at Microsoft Tech Community HQ with allot of work going on to support new features and functions as well as Microsoft Ignite & the upcoming Microsoft Ignite | The Tour. 

What has changed since my last update?

What Bugs have we fixed?

What have we got in the pipeline?

We have lots of other ideas and things we want to make better for you but we love to hear your ideas as well, please do share them with us in the Community Ideas board. If you have not already, head on over and let us know what you want to see and help us drive our priorities.

Lastly, let me introduce Koby, my new Springer Spaniel Puppy, he is 14 weeks old and is looking forward to his contributions to the Microsoft Tech Community!


The October 19th Weekly Roundup is Posted!  10/19/2018

This week Microsoft announced the latest version of Azure Blockchain Workbench, the official release of the MSIX Packaging Tool and Skype Room Systems v2 

A user is our Member of the Week, an active contributor in the Outlook, Outlook Customer Manager and Microsoft Teams spaces.

View the Weekly Roundup for October 15-19, 2018 in a Sway and attached Word document.

The October 12th Weekly Roundup is Posted!  10/12/2018

This week Microsoft announced a global Call for Papers for the 2019 SharePoint Conference, the availability of the Messaging Extension for Confluence Cloud for Microsoft Teams, and a new feature for Microsoft Project called Roadmap. 

A user is our Member of the Week, an active contributor in the Microsoft Teams space and a great participant in our AMAs. 

View the Weekly Roundup for October 8-12, 2018 in a Sway and attached Word document.

The October 5th Weekly Roundup is Posted!  10/5/2018

This week Microsoft announced the availability of Windows 10, version 1809 for download, new advanced automation capabilities for threat detection, investigation, and response for Office 365 E5, and that Office 365 has earned HITRUST Certification from the Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance. 

A user is our Member of the Week, a long-time community member with great contributions in a number of spaces.

View the Weekly Roundup for October 1-5, 2018 in a Sway and attached Word document.