Our goal is to provide business software solutions using technology. While we stay current with new technologies and its benefits (lower cost, increased productivity, and reduced technical debt), we understand that doesn't always match an organization's environment with vertical application needs, training, and budget.

With our technology knowledge, our passion to focus on the business technical solutions, and our client's business knowledge, we partner to create successful implementations.


Our billing rate is subject to change and, when applicable, sales tax is added.

Our consulting services are invoiced every two week with payment due within 15 business days (Net 15 Terms). Payment can be made via credit card online or company check. Alternatives are not accepted. Our projects are based on Time and Materials with an iterative-based or agile-based bi-weekly project process used throughout.


Aeriden focuses on software development services and, when needed, hosting options (epecially with Microsoft Azure).

With the continued evolution of computing and the Internet, we have seen significant changes over time. As these technology services improve and integrate with daily activities, they become more complex with increased dependency and options. We focus on using these various tools to solve business needs, increase automation for accuracy and quickness, and reduce costs.


This website showcases numerous Microsoft-based technologies, taking advantage of the following tools and technologies:

  • Visual Studio 2022 on Windows and macOS) and Visual Studio Code (on macOS, Linux, and Windows) IDEs
  • .NET 6 (ASP.NET Razor)
  • SASS/SCSS Generation for CSS 3 management, including support for browser light/dark modes
  • Bootstrap 4 (Bootstrap 5 had limitations with its Carousel)
  • jQuery (used by Bootstrap)
  • Fontawesome
  • SendGrid (email communications)
  • Facebook feed APIs
  • Azure App Services (Web Aps) for PaaS website hosting
  • Azure Pipelines (Azure DevOps Pipelines) for automated release management using code-based YAML definition
  • Azure Monitor for downtime notifications
  • Azure Backup for data retention and disaster recovery
  • Azure Active Directory (AAD) integration for authentication and authorization