05/06/2021 16:27:55

From Microsoft: Transitioning to Microsoft Teams Video Conference Room. They have some nice ideas, even outside of Microsoft products, that includes hybrid ideas. Helpful!

04/12/2021 02:29:40

Microsoft Build 2021, their premier developer-based (virtual) conference, is May 25-27, 2021. If it is like Build 2020, Ignite 2020, or Ignite 2021, it will be a great time to learn and connect.

06/25/2020 14:08:41

The Apple TV+ subscription has a number of issues. Canceling the free one year is immediate, rather than at the end of the period. Talk about trying to snare the customer. The app for Apple TV+ shows a lot of extra cost content. The included content seems limited compared to Amazon and Netflix. In the end, canceled six months in advance to avoid forgetting later and getting charged.

06/25/2020 14:04:56

Microsoft Teams needs to support selecting a screen area to share (like Zoom and supports). This feature allows those with high-resolution monitors to more easily share with lower resolution users. Please call Microsoft's attention to this need by voting on User Voice

05/19/2020 15:16:37

Ready to attend #MSBuild today for development knowledge! All virtual conference for this major event, while different, is exciting (and an easier commute!).

04/24/2020 14:19:32

Missing the Twitter Connector in Microsoft Teams? Dislike the alternative solution of using Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) to try and provide a replacement option (which is poor since it makes the "tweet" look like it comes from the Power Automate owner)? Check out to let Microsoft know the Twitter Connector is desired.

01/14/2020 23:00:13

Learning the latest on Blazor, to leverage our C# skills, from (chilly) MN! #dotNETConf

11/05/2019 17:38:57

Good sessions this morning. Hose drinking learning as expected. But now it is 12:30pm and the doors aren’t open for lunch?! #msignite #msignite2019

11/04/2019 18:00:15

Checked our Visual Studio Online (, which is in preview. Using dev tools in cloud sounded interesting (local device agnostic and not needing a VM to manage). But, it looks like it is only Linux-based right now. Maybe a Windows-based solution in the future?

11/04/2019 17:53:43

A lot of useful Microsoft information at #msignite2019! Big takeaway is the Power Platform. It is a bigger deal than previously thought. Afterwards, got to briefly see my favorite Windows Weekly co-hosts MaryJo Foley and Paul Thurrott! Couldn’t stay long as there was more Power Platform learning to be done. 😁 #msignite #microsoftgeek #recursivegeek

11/04/2019 14:18:32

Microsoft Ignite Conference has officially started! Lucky and glad to get a seat and so up close to see #satyanadella review Microsoft’s latest focuses. Nice to see latest Azure Stack offerings and talk about Azure Arc (new hybrid tools). #msignite #msignite2019

11/04/2019 13:41:08

Got to stand in line for an hour and a half to get in and watch #satyanadella live on stage, only to get a standing spot. Hardly any seating for non-press (seen on the left). They had several screens up inside The Hub. I didn’t wait such a long time to only sit at a screen. I could have stayed home or in my hotel room for that. Past years were much better. Poor execution. Lame communication. #msignite #msignite2019

11/04/2019 12:35:39

In the Microsoft Events app, they have a section to contact an expert to schedule 1:1 time. It sounds like a good idea, until tapping in further and realizing there is only one group doing it (Azure). The rest are ad-hoc. Oops on that implementation mighty Microsoft! #msignite #msignite2019

11/04/2019 12:16:42

The line already very long to see the CEO #satyanadella talk live and in person at The Hub. #msignite #msignite2019

11/03/2019 22:10:09

Too bad the #msignite conference keynote with the CEO is limited to 3000 for a major (over 20k people) conference. Some, if not most, traveled some distance for the human contact of attending the event. Trying to wrap my head around this move. Not people-centric move. #microsoft #msignite2019 #msconference

11/03/2019 14:26:43

Apple iOS 13.2 messed up this morning on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. At least it was in my favor. My alarm went off an hour early because the time didn't change back. I had to power down the phone and power it back up. Then it updated. And up popped up another error: "Ultra Wideband Update Failed - Your iPhone cannot use ultra wideband until it has been updated." It does this every time the phone is powered up. All right before a trip to the Microsoft Ignite Conference.

09/03/2019 13:45:05

Windows Notepad is in the Microsoft Store (it requires Windows 10 version 18943.0, a.k.a. 20H1 due around April 2020, or higher. Sure, this is a simple application that shouldn't seemingly need frequent updating. There is, after all, Visual Studio Code to provide a free, feature-rich editing experience that is frequently updated.

Why is this a positive move? In addition to out-of-band updates when issues arise, it is one more item decoupled from the Windows operating system. It will allow for a cleaner computing experience for those that don't use Notepad. But it goes deeper than that. It is an approach to managing each application on its merit, including features, platforms supported, frequency of updates, etc. Long term branches for Windows 10 can still benefit from application-specific updates. Microsoft has made several updates recently over the last year. Perhaps there are more updates to come?

This approach is in line with other existing applications including Paint 3D, Windows Calculator, Windows Terminal, Microsoft Remote Desktop, eventually the new Chromium-based Edge web browser, etc.

It creates an increased relevance to the Windows Store, already enhanced by familiar user experiences with the Apple and Google stores.

07/30/2019 17:59:55

OneNote for Windows still doesn't have a key feature present with OneNote 2010, 2013, and 2016. That is the ability to change the date and time of a note. You can delete them, but not edit them. Duplicating an old note keeps the old date and time. Huh. Creating pages that make up a manual, with versioning on a per-page basis, makes it difficult to identify what has changed. If you feel the same way, check out and vote for this feature.

07/23/2019 22:26:28

Here is another example of Microsoft just not being polished or attentive to details. Office 365 icons have changed, but they didn't get all web pages. And the order of the office icons is different. The top page links directly to the bottom page shown in the picture.

07/15/2019 14:05:20

While Windows 10 1903 has many nice new features and improvements, they can't seem to get some of the basics working smoothly. Almost daily, I get the following error. Sometimes I can click "Fix Now", some windows popup, and it self repairs. Some times it never seems to resolve and I just ignore it for that day (not a great experience). Nothing appears to be logged in the Windows Event log. The actual account having the issue isn't displayed. Very unhelpful. I have heard other technologists state that Microsoft needs to reward fixes, not just new features. I agree. This is along the line of having a higher weight for quality than quantity.

07/02/2019 12:36:44

Emojis in Windows 10 - press the Windows key and then Period (Win+.).

07/02/2019 12:34:58

Bringing back memories! We have a copy of Windows 1.01 on 5.25" floppies (no way to read them right now). And... manuals (paper books that came with software back in the day 😊).

06/13/2019 14:03:41

SharePoint Online has a threshold limit of 5000 for a list or document view. This cannot be changed (unlike on-premise SharePoint). For an enterprise-based SaaS solution, this is too small. Vote to increase the Threshold via

06/09/2019 17:35:25

Windows 10 configuration has been a mess since 2015 and is still present today. Microsoft needs to get a handle on Control Panel vs Settings, consolidating and having extensible. It should have been a priority at least 2 years ago. It is time to reward developers for making Windows usable, not just adding new glam.

06/06/2019 16:09:13

Since Microsoft hasn't been updating the NuGet packages for BingMapsRESTToolkit (they have updated the code base, but it doesn't compile, at least with Visual Studio 2019, without a minor change), posted a .NET Standard version that has the updated models. Now able to call their Postal Code service to get the associated Time Zone.

See to check out the packages.

See to get more details.