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New Teams (on Windows), which recently replaced Teams Pre) still doesn't properly support Presenter+ and is missing Team configuration options. It is much faster but can't use as the primary version yet.

I am wondering if there is a suitable fast wireless charger (for all devices concurrently) for the iPhone Pro Max with MagSafe, Apple Watch Ultra, and AirPod Pro 2. I know, first world problems. But the struggle is really to have a cleaned up desk or night stand with effective charging.

Microsoft Build 2023 day 1 has provided a lot of great developer information. .NET 8, Azure DevBox, Azure Deployment Environments, Azure Load Test, GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps, Azure Fabric, GitHub Copilot, M365 Copilot, Power BI Copilot, and more.

Looking forward to many new features in .NET 8 (LTS) that will help deliver better coding.

Why isn't GitHub Pilot, owned by Microsoft, included as part of a Visual Studio Enterprise subscription, also owned by Microsoft??

New C# 12 preview features including primary constructors for non-record classes and structs, using aliases for any type, and default values for lambda expression parameters

Microsoft Build 2023 is now available for registration. This year, it is in-person (Seattle, WA) and Virtual. Glad to see it is at least 3 days in person.

Any recommended mobile-based, geek-oriented conferences to attend (virtual or in-person) that will elevate my knowledge on iOS and Android application governance for submission and management for an enterprise organization?

Until GM makes a ubiquitous tech stack, including mobile/watch (which doesn’t exist) and AI enhancements, their future EV strategy seems poor as it gives a strong reason to NOT buy their products.

Trying to help a friend move their contacts (over 1000) on iPadOS/iOS from one account to another. What a pain Apple has made this with the Contacts App! Irony: They want to move them to iCloud. App Store apps can help, thankfully. Import/export is a poor experience for non-technical folks.

MacBook Air M2 is my favorite laptop ever. And I am a mostly Windows person. Now, even better with Windows 11 on ARM with Parallels. Now I can seamlessly, with performance and battery life, run Power BI desktop, Visio, Outlook for Windows (to overcome missing features with Outlook for Mac), Icofx, and more.

Blazor United sounds promising. A wish for both client and server C# development within a single project and hosted environment. With secured (and encrypted) communication between the two via HTTPS (per session) with the backend doing the critical secured communications with other systems (Web APIs, databases, Azure Services, …). It is good to dream.

My brother introduced me to the Logitech MX Keys keyboard. Now my favorite. Backlit. Bluetooth (up to three devices). Transceiver (useful with dock). Nice feel. USB-C charging. macOS and Windows keys (and software). Now I proudly have my own. Maybe some day I will be worthy of the Logi MX Keys Mini 🙏.

Still searching for a Web Compiler (SCSS/SASS) and Minifier on macOS Visual Studio 2022 (including Preview). At least I have Visual Studio 2022 Preview on ARM64 running under Parallels as an option when needed.

Just did my first Kick Starter pledge - Cory Doctorow’s Red Team Blues to support DRM free audio books. I love audiobooks. Many enjoyed voices by Wil Weston. I respect and applaud Cory’s pursuit. Goal was $15k. At almost $100k. Nice!

My solution is to pull up the Downloads menu option on the Apple Watch Pocket Casts app, rather than Now Playing it Up Next (keep scrolling!).

It took 15 miles of my running pace to listen to the entire episode of 821. Thanks for keeping me company @leo, @thurrott, and @richcampbell!

To mirror the spirit of Amazon cutting 9000 jobs, we are cutting back on Amazon spending. This was a difficult decision, but one we think is best for our household long term.

Pocket Casts on Apple Watch isn’t playing (literally) nice this morning. After finishing one episode of a podcast (without iPhone), it wouldn’t play others that were downloaded ahead of time. Got home and it still wouldn’t play (just said buffering). I did try several upcoming different podcasts. Sigh.

Running into the wind (10-15mph) apparently can cause hearing cautions. This has happened before. Does this mean I should stay indoors until I see calm conditions lest I suffer the same fate as concert goers? Does this mean I must abandon ideal 10-20 knot breeze for sailboat racing? Apple, help me understand!!?