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The problem did disappear. After an hour and is now working fine without any changes. It did require a lot of repeated sync operations in OneNote.

Thank you @jsnell for your pick of as a Masodon client. I am still learning it, but is now my favorite. Exciting social media times!

Some splain’in is needed . on iPadOS (and iOS) isn’t working properly this evening out of the blue, with notebooks not syncing and displaying a message I need to sign in, only to get this bizarre looking dialog with a GUID as the default value.

It is fun that AI was used against AI. Interesting idea.

It shouldn’t be possible with ear buds to have one bud at 0% charge and another at 100% charge when in the same case, held in overnight. But, it periodically happens on both first and second gen sets. Why or why does this happen and re-seating, closing, and waiting resolves?

As a longtime Visual Studio developer on Windows (daily) who loves the MacBook Air M2 (for personal use), I struggle to find parity with Visual Studio 2022 on macOS. One instance of this is with Web Compiler (SASS/SCSS to CSS) and Minifier (CSS/JS). My comfy extensions don't work (e.g. Web Compiler 2022+). Web searching for ideas on Visual Studio 2022 for Mac is unhelpful, with mostly Windows results. Sigh.

With the absence of @maryjofoley, @richcampbell is a nice regular addition to with @leo and @thurrott! Thanks for continuing the shows greatness!

I am now finding that with an M356 Exchange mailbox, it is best to use Outlook Web for rules management than Outlook on the desktop/device. Especially with multiple device usage (Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS). This is a change (of a long, long time 😃 ) where I used to rely on the power of the client-side application to expose my needed capabilities.

Leveraging Mastodon’s open platform demonstrating its integration capabilities with a well-documented API and third party open-source library support with C# and NuGet (such as Mastonet). Geek enjoyment here.

I really like the Apple Watch Ultra. However, there are some unexpected “features”, such as noise alerts while biking due to generated wind or in the shower’s water stream (over 90db alert).

I wish the iPad had more situational awareness. For example, when in landscape with the volume buttons on top, have the left button decrease volume and the right button increase volume. As opposed to the opposite default presuming portrait mode with the camera at the top.

What is with OneDrive regularly crashing on my Apple MacBook Air M2? MacOS Ventura 13.0.1 and 13.1 share the issue equally. Maybe it doesn’t like the macOS going to sleep?

I now see articles from December 12 announcing Microsoft Authenticator is leaving watchOS. Sad. I use my watch many times daily for authenticating so I don’t have to grab my phone. Disappointing. Apple and Microsoft need to make this work.

Microsoft Authenticator is great for Microsoft services (getting MFA without OTP), but less than stellar for backup/recovery and many OTP entries. Authy is so much better.

Travelled to Florida’s Gasparilla Island for the first time since Ian. Quite the power of a cat 4 hurricane shown. Not surprising since US landfall was Cayo Coasta Island right by, but still awestruck.

Did a code scan via Mend SCA (.NET 6 CSharp) and it indicated I needed to upgrade System.Text.RegularExpressions v4.3.0 to v4.3.1. Now it says I need to upgrade from v4.3.1 to…. umm…. v4.3.1, with a continued high vulnerability rating. Interesting.

Wife and I completed the Fort Myers 5K. Super happy for her 5th place finish! Our first for that specific event location. It was fun to see the families involved and wide range of ages. Happy Thanksgiving!

Using Microsoft Presenter+ on macOS: mute button doesn’t work. Teams button does. Pointer option does. If I mute in Teams, the mute button turns red (unmute turns the button white). But the mute button on the Presenter+ fob doesn’t toggle. That is weird.

I think I like the Mastodon app better than Metatext. For one thing, getting to those I follow seems quite a bit easier. Still exploring during the exciting times of the social media adjustment wave (at least in MY head 🥹).

Does anyone have experience with the ESR Rebound Magnetic Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro 11"? Looking to add a keyboard to have a better experience with GoodNotes (compared to the macOS version).