Aeriden's' goal is to investigate technology-based business software solutions. While we stay current with new technologies and their benefits (lower cost, increased productivity, and reduced technical debt), balanced against vertical application needs, training, and budget.


Originally founded in 1995 by Hans Dickel, Aeriden transitioned in 2014 from a fulltime operation to demonstrating technical capabilities while providing periodic consulting. Hans now works for Daikin Applied Americas as one of the IT Directors, specifically overseeing a team based on .NET development technologies and Azure services (including Azure DevOps).

Aeriden focuses on researching software development (mostly .NET-based) and hosting solutions (mostly with Microsoft Azure), developing proof of concepts, and contributing to open source projects.

With the continued evolution of computing and the Internet, we have seen significant changes over time. As these technology services improve and integrate with daily activities, they become more complex with increased dependency and options. We focus on using these various tools to solve business needs, increase automation for accuracy and quickness, and reduce costs.


This website showcases numerous technologies (just demonstrating enthusiastic geekery 😏):

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 (Windows and macOS) and Visual Studio Code (macOS, Windows, Linux) IDEs
  • C# for software development
  • .NET 8 (LTS) for ASP.NET Razor, framework, development, and hosting
  • SASS/SCSS for generation of CSS, including support for browser light and dark modes
  • Bootstrap for interactive mobile responsive support
  • jQuery (used by Bootstrap)
  • Fontawesome for iconography
  • Mastodon for social media feed for centralized post management (a truly open and decentralized platform)
  • Mastonet NuGet package and open source library for Mastodon API integration
  • Twilio SendGrid for email communications
  • Microsoft Azure App Services (Web Apps) for PaaS website hosting (supporting Linux and Windows workloads)
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps Git Repo for repo and branching management
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps Pipelines for automated build and release management via YAML definition
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps Boards for tracking and prioritizing work efforts
  • Microsoft Azure Backup for data retention and disaster recovery
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) integration for authentication and authorization