About Our Company

About Aeriden has transitioned itself from being an IT Provider and Systems Integrator to a Software Development services-based and product-based organization. While the technical demands continue to evolve, the desire to solve business problems using technology continues.

With the continued evolution of computing and the Internet, we have seen significant changes in the last decade.   As these services continue to improve and simplify daily activities, they are becoming more complex with increased dependency and options.  We focus on using these various technologies as a tool to solve business issues and increase automation.

Our customers bring their business experience while we bring forth our knowledge and enthusiasm for technology to solve business problems for our customers and partners with an understanding that communication is the cornerstone for a successful outcome in meeting expectations.

One of the key pieces to our technical strategy is DevOps. DevOps is the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to your end users. This allows software to be released more quickly and more precisely. Because smaller changes are incorporated with each release, it allows for quicker fixes when new problems are introduced because they are fresh in people's minds. Customers see improvements more quickly so they are able to leverage the new changes. Our background with infrastructure and data center management helps us provide disaster recovery planning and capacity planning throughout the process, finding the appropriate balance.

About Our Site

Showcase This website is a showcase of .NET Core 2.2 and we are excited about the upcoming .NET Core 3.0 release. It takes advantage of Azure DevOps Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) to Azure Web Apps. Free versions of Visual Studio 2017 and 2019 (any edition on Windows 10) and Visual Studio Code (on Macintosh, Linux, and Windows) are used to update the website as needed. As soon as Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) Git repo is updated, the Azure DevOps Pipeline Builds is started and the site is built to verify it is working. If all goes well, then Azure DevOps Releases is started and updates the Azure Web App. There is history of the entire process for rollback and archiving.

SendGrid in Azure is being used to provide our contact form communications. We could have also used Azure SignalR along with Progressive Web Apps (PWA) or integrate with Microsoft Teams to provide realtime communications. We want to leverage Azure SQL Server (beyond Azure DB) for CMS Blog-like updates and tracking. Slots are used to validate in the testing environment, and once approved (all not requiring developer intervention), will move into production. If it is in production when a problem is encountered, it can be easily reverted to the previous version.

Application Insights and Azure Monitor are used to track issues with the website. Azure DevOps is integrated with Azure Active Directory (AAD) and Windows 10 Pro machines login to AAD for centralized (and SSO-based) authentication.

We are excited to be using this as a platform for further updates, testing, and demonstration of technology. These solutions are available and priced for fit various sized organizations. For example, a number of the services are free to small businesses or open source projects. For enterprises, they can be scaled for performance and high availability. It continues to be an exciting time in the Information Technology (IT) field and being able to provide powerful solutions very quickly to delivery the desired solutions to customers.