With a longstanding history of providing services, creating solutions is a newer venture. We are investigating options to provide scalable solutions for the Small-to-Medium (SMB) market. In the meantime, we have contributed to the open source community.

Open Source Contributions

Quid-pro-quo: we don't just consume well known and well tested libraries to avoid inventing the wheel, we contribute back to the community to help others.

Daikin Applied

The DaikinApplied enterprise-based GitHub contributions for DevOps automation and C# Libraries.


The RecursiveGeek GitHub contributions are focused on Small-to-Medium (SMB) organizations, individuals, and specific hobbies.


GitHub contributions to IdentityServer, an OAuth2 and OpenID Connect 1.0 open source project based on .NET Core.


Regularly giving back to those that desire assistance to grow into this industry.

University of Minnesota

The CSE Mentor Program helps students build their professional network and career skills, while allowing seasoned professionals to get a pulse on future engineers. Aeriden has participated with the UMN program since 2016.


Using interns to assist with projects provides them with needed experience and potentially a pipeline of future workers. It also provides detailed understanding of the upcoming workforce. Aeriden has participated with interns since 2005.