IT Planning

Planning It is important to plan out projects to make sure it is matching the business needs. Business should be the driver, rather than technology. Creating solutions requires management and maintence, so it has to be worthwhile to implement and meet needs to delivery increased revenue, reduced costs, increased security (or lower risks), or add value (sometimes intangable).

We provide strategic planning to decide on the appropriate direction to meet the business needs. Creating the appropriate solution the reflects the need for the correct duration based on budget and benefit can be difficult to define and then implement. There are so many options such as buying it versus building it. There are pros and cons to each of these approaches and it can be overwhelming at times to decide the appropriate direction. We can help to quickly narrow down the field based on business needs, budget, flexibility, branding, differentiation, services, etc.

Software Development and DevOps Service

Development When it is appropriate for us to aid in the development efforts, our primary focus is with web applications on the .NET Core and .NET Framework platforms, bringing forth our extensive business development skills.

These applications are hosted both on-premise and on Microsoft Azure. We help implement monitoring and redundancy to maximize uptime.


Our team has significant long term experience with Microsoft technologies, we offer the following services:

Most Recent Development Projects

It has been exciting to be apart of many projects over the years. Here are some of them that highlight our diving in and creating successful solutions for our clients: